SCHAKO is a large German manufacturer of a broad range of elements for distribution and air purification, elements for sound absorption, fire protection elements and fan coil units.

SCHAKO offers German quality, reliability and customizable design with affordable prices and good delivery times.

SCHAKO offers original solutions for achieving quality of the flow in the room, using specially developed distribution elements, unique compared to the competition.

SCHAKO equipment has been laboratory tested and catalogs with detailed technical data ensure proper equipment selection for your system.


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Selection program for air distributive elements with data sheets

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Ceiling slot diffuser DSC-PLASTER

Fields of application:

The ceiling slot diffuser of type DSC-PLASTER by SCHAKO is suitable for use in rooms from 2.6 m to 4 m high for direct installation in plaster board ceilings or ceiling cavities (pressure ceilings).  

The special shape of the frame profile allows good installation in the plaster board ceiling. Filling in Q3 quality is possible up to the air outlet slot. The proven clamp strap fastening allows easy mounting in the plaster board ceiling. 

The air deflection blades adjustable from below allow a variety of throw adjustment options. Thus, the air outlet direction in the cooling mode can be adjusted in a one- or two-way manner. This achieves maximum induction while the temperature and velocity are effectively reduced. 

The ceiling slot diffuser can be ordered as 1- or 2-slot model and is available either as a single piece or in band design.

Volumetric flow range: 60 - 120 m³/h per metre slot,


The large free cross-section allows a high air throughput compared with other slot diffusers. The stable supply air jet and high induction means that SCHAKO DSC-PLASTER slot diffuser can be used in cooling mode up to T0 ≤ 8 K.

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